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Flood Ready Flood Warning Website

The FloodReady Website is a network of stream gauges across Lycoming County which helps residents track the water levels in our creeks and river, current rain fall information, and history of flooding at various gauges.  This site gives near real time readings and helps residents prepare in the event of flooding.

Proposed 2016 Lycoming County Budget

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Lycoming County map gallery containing all public maps including the Parcel viewer, preliminary flood maps, voting locations and recycling drop-off.  Check back often to see any new maps placed into the gallery.



·         Lycoming County Election Night Results:


·         Statewide Election Night Results:


Sample Ballots (by precinct):


·         Am I Registered to Vote / Where do I Vote?


Fall Turkey Season

Fall turkey season begins October 31 in most parts of the state; season lengths vary by WMU.  Information on regulations can be found on pages 42 and 43 of the 2015-16 Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest.  http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/pgc/pa_huntingdigest1516/#/0 

Licenses can be purchased in the Lycoming County Treasurer's Office @ 33 West Third Street, Williamsport. The fall turkey tag is included with the purchase of a 2015/2016 license.


Hazard Mitigation Opportunity Form

For County residents interested in Hazard Mitigation opportunities, please complete the Hazard Mitigation Opportunity Form.


Online real estate tax payments

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Medication Drop-Off Locations

Turn in your unused or expired medications at these locations: Drug Take Back Permanent Locations Spring 2015 Springversion.pdf


One-for-All Single-Stream Recycling

Want to know how you can recycle more items more easily? Check out this One-for-All Single-Stream Recycling website HERE where you can read about our new program! Whether you’re a resident or business owner, find out how this program can benefit you.


Take a Journey with Us!

Lycoming County has been engaged in Brownfields Revitalization for over 100 years. We are continually “renewing and repurposing” our communities. You’re invited to see our Brownfields Scroll. We’ve come a long way, but the road ahead can be even more exciting!

Brownfields Revitalization



Flood Insurance Information 



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