Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Magisterial District Justices

What is a Magisterial District Judge?

Magisterial district judges preside over the magisterial district courts in all counties but Philadelphia. They have authority to:

  • conduct nonjury trials concerning criminal summary matters not involving delinquent acts as defined in 42 Pa.C.S. § 6301 et seq.;
  • conduct nonjury trials concerning civil claims (unless the claim is against a Commonwealth party as defined in 42 Pa.C.S. § 8501 where the amount in controversy does not exceed $12,000, exclusive of interests and costs, in the following classes of actions:
    • landlord-tenant actions,
    • assumpsit actions unless they involve a contract where the title to the real estate may be in question,
    • trespass actions, and
    • fines and penalties by any government agency;
  • preside over preliminary arraignments and preliminary hearings;
  • fix and accept bail except in cases involving murder or voluntary manslaughter;
  • issue arrest warrants;
  • accept guilty pleas to the charge of driving under the influence (75 Pa.C.S. § 3731) so long as it is a first offense, no personal injury occurred to a third party other than the defendant’s immediate family, property damage to any third party is less than $500, and the defendant is not a juvenile;
  • preside over nonjury trials involving all offenses under Title 34 (relating to game); and
  • accept guilty pleas to misdemeanors of the third degree in certain circumstances.

Magisterial district judges are not required to be lawyers, but if they are not, they must complete an educational course and pass a qualifying examination before they can take office. They must also complete one week of continuing education each year in a program administered by the Minor Judiciary Education Board.

Magisterial District 29-1-01

Christian Frey

(570) 322-6159

605 W Fourth St, Williamsport

Term Expires 12/31/2021

Magisterial District 29-1-02

Aaron S. Biichle

(570) 327-2275

48 W Third St, Williamsport

Term Expires 12/31/2025

Magisterial District 29-3-01

Jerry C. Lepley

(570) 398-4880

216 Market St, Jersey Shore

Term Expires 12/31/2021

Magisterial District 29-3-02

Gary A. Whiteman

(570) 326-1714

542 County Farm Rd, Montoursville

Term Expires 12/31/2023

Magisterial District 29-3-03

Jon Kemp

(570) 546-7480

2134 Rt 405 Hwy, Muncy

Term Expires 12/31/2023

Magisterial District 29-3-04

William C. Solomon

(570) 323-9982

1965 Lycoming Creek Rd, Williamsport

Term Expires 12/31/2021

Covid-19 Update

To protect both court users and employees, some of our operations might be adjusted due to Covid-19.  

For the most up-to date court related information, please visit our Freaquently Asked Questions and Helpful Tip webpage by clicking on the link below.  Or please contact the appropriate office directly. 

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions Webpage Link

Making Payments

It is also strongly encouraged that payments for fines, costs, and/or restitution be made online by clicking the link below...or by U.S. mail.

Make Online Payments By Clicking Here

Document Filing

It is strongly encouraged that documents be filed with the Magisterial District Courts via U.S. mail to the applicable Magisterial District Court office.  Please contact the individual Magisterial District Court office directly for more information. 

Who's My MDJ?


If you file a suit in Magisterial District Court, you must determine which Magisterial District Judge (MDJ) has authority to handle the suit. Generally, the suit must be filed where the person you are suing lives or is located, or where your claim arose. For example, a small claim arising out of a traffic accident or contract dispute could be filed at the office of the MDJ who serves the territory where the accident occurred or where the contract was signed. To determine which MDJ serves a certain address, click the link below.


Click Here for Map to Find Your MDJ

I am a member of the media, how do I access court proceedings during this time?

Any member of the media desiring access to a certain court proceeding may contact the presiding judge’s office via telephone or email to arrange for participation in person or via advanced communication technology. Any member of the general public desiring access to a certain court proceeding may contact the presiding judge’s office via telephone or email to arrange for participation via advanced communication technology. The telephone numbers for the offices of the common pleas judges, family court, and the magisterial district judges are as follows:

  1.  Nancy L. Butts, President Judge – 570-327-2338

  2.  Marc F. Lovecchio, Judge – 570-327-2336

  3.  Joy Reynolds McCoy, Judge – 570-327-2340

  4.  Eric R. Linhardt, Judge – 570-327-2318

  5.  Ryan M. Tira, Judge – 570-327-2370

  6.  Family Court 570-327-2433

  7.  Magisterial District Court 29-1-01 (Frey) 570-322-6159

  8.  Magisterial District Court 29-1-02 (Biichle)570-327-2275

  9.  Magisterial District Court 29-3-01 (Lepley)570-398-4880

  10.  Magisterial District Court 29-3-02 (Whiteman)570-326-1714

  11.  Magisterial District Court 29-3-03 (Kemp) 570-546-7480

  12.  Magisterial District Court 29-3-04 (Solomon)570-323-9982



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