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Lycoming County Treasurer’s Office

 Cindy S. Newcomer, Treasurer

The Lycoming County Treasurer's Office relocated to the first floor of Third Street Plaza, 33 West Third Street, Williamsport, directly across from the court house.  The office phone numbers, fax number, email addresses, mailing address, and website URL remained the same. 


                Physical Address                                                  Mailing Address
               Treasurer's Office                                               
               Third Street Plaza                                                  Treasurer's Office
             33 West Third Street                                              48 West Third Street
            Williamsport, PA  17701                                       Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone: (570) 327-2248
Fax: (570) 329-4717


Office Hours 

 Monday – Friday 8:30am until 5:00pm
Closed on County Holidays

The Lycoming County Treasurer’s Office serves as the repository for all monies remitted from the various county departments, with all funds kept separate and fully accounted for on a department by department basis. The Treasurer’s Office is also responsible for issuing Dog Licenses, Hunting, Sportsman Permits and Fishing Licenses as well as Small Games of Chance and Bingo Licenses. The Treasurer’s Office is also in charge of collecting the hotel tax in Lycoming County. The Hotel taxes are intended to benefit the Lycoming County Visitor’s Bureau and to promote the tourism industry in Lycoming County.



Call 570-327-2248 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM

After hours call the non-emergency # 570-329-4060


Annual License Regular Fee:  $8.70

Annual License Person with Disability or Senior Citizen Fee:  $6.70

Lifetime License Regular Fee:  $52.70

Lifetime License Person with Disablility or Senior Citizen Fee:  $36.70


State Law requires that all dogs three months and older be licensed by January 1st of each year.  The maximum fine for violation of the licensing requirement and rabies law is $300.

Dog licenses are available through the Lycoming County Treasurer's Office, Cindy S. Newcomer, Treasurer.  They can be purchased via the following methods:

  • In person at the Treasurer's Office, located in the Third Street Plaza, 33 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA  17701

  • Online by clicking here to apply & submit online

  • By mailing an application and payment to Lycoming County Treasurer, 48 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA  17701

  • By visiting the Lycoming County SPCA on Reach Road, after January 1, 2024

The yearly fee for dog licensing is $8.70.  Senior Citizens and persons with disabilities may purchase a license for $6.70.

According to officials with the Dept. of Agriculture's Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, ensuring dogs are licensed and up-to-date with vaccinations is the surest way to keep pets safe and healthy.




Act 92 of November 27, 2013, amends The Local Options Small Games of Chance Law effective January 27, 2014.  The Small Games of Chance Application was revised January 2014, to reflect Act 92 amendments.


An officer of your organization should download a copy of Act 92 to be kept with the organization’s permanent records.  You can access a copy of Act 92 by double clicking on Local Small Games of Chance Act 92 located in the box on the left side of this page.

Your organization should also contact your legal counsel to determine how this Act affects your organization.

 Dog Licenses

The Lycoming County Treasurer’s Office is an agent for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and responsible for the sale of dog licenses within Lycoming County. If you would like information on dog licenses please click here.

Fishing and Hunting Licenses

The Lycoming County Treasurer’s Office is an agent for both the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and the Pennsylvania Game Commission issuing both Fishing and Hunting licenses. If you would like information on Fishing licenses, including requirements for Military Discounts please click here.  

Boat Launch Permits

The Lycoming County Treasurer's Office is selling boat launch permits for 2023.  A one year permit cost is $13.97 and expires on December 31st of the year it was purchased.  A two year permit cost is $23.97 and expires on December 31st of the year following the purchase.  Information needed is the type of boat, make, model, and model year (if known).   The ID/Serial # is not required.

Small Games of Chance Licenses, Special Raffle Licenses and Bingo Licenses

The County Treasurer’s Office is charged with the issuance of Small Games of Chance Licenses, Special Raffle Licenses and Bingo Licenses for Lycoming County. Small Games of Chance and Bingo Licenses are available for qualifying Not-for-Profit entities.

For additional information on Bingo Licenses please click here.

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