Sunday, June 23, 2024



Due to the sale of Executive Plaza, the 2024 Sheriff Sales will be held at the Trade & Transit Centre II, Michael Ross Event Center on the 3rd floor, 144 West 3rd Street, Williamsport PA 17701.  This is directly across from the West Third Street parking Garage.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sheriff Lusk


Welcome to The Lycoming County Sheriff's Office



The Mission Statement of the Lycoming County Sheriff’s Office is....  “to provide a safe environment to all citizens of Lycoming County through the enforcement of court orders, issuances of Licenses to Carry and Sell Firearms, apprehension of fugitives, protection of our Judges, County personnel & County facilities, insuring the safe movement of prison inmates, and providing law enforcement assistance throughout Lycoming County when needed to the highest degree of professionalism as we protect the rights of others at all times”.