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Our Mission


Lycoming County Office of the District Attorney

Thomas A. Marino, District Attorney

48 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA 17701 | 570-327-2456

Our Mission

This office shall embrace the pursuit of justice with wisdom, humility, and accountability to all victims of crime.

Legal Staff

Martin L. Wade, First Assistant District Attorney

Phoebe Yates, Deputy Assistant District Attorney

Jessica Feese, Assistant District Attorney

Eric Birth, Assistant Distirct Attorney

Lindsay Sweeley, Assistant District Attorney

Matt Welickovitch, Assistant District Attorney

Blake Marks, Special Juvenile Prosecutor


Thomas Ungard, Chief County Detective
Calvin Irvin
Arnold Duck
Steve Sorage
Lenny Dincher
William Hagemeyer
Scott Henry
Melanie Smith
Loretta Clark, Intelligence Officer

Office Staff

Kurt Weiland, Office Administrator
Ali Hensler, Trial Clerk Manager
Sara Fogleman, Fiscal Manager
Abby Buchner, Adult Victim Witness Coordinator
Gabriella Wise, Juvenile Victim Witness Coordinator
Jill Schriner, Paralegal
Gwen Brion, Paralegal
Stacie Aldinger, Paralegal
Karen Wilson, Prelim-Clerk III
Lynelle Cromley, Clerk III
Katie Samsel, Clerk III
Angela Lockridge, Clerk III
Zoey Stauffenberg, Clerk III
Katie DeSilva, Part-Time Victim Witness Clerk III

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