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Review Fee Schedule E&S Sediment Control Plan

Review Fee Schedule
Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

The following fees will be charged by the Lycoming County Conservation District for Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan Reviews as authorized by Act 217, The Conservation District Law.  Plan Requirements are applied as per DEP’s Chapter 102, Erosion and Sediment Control Regulation 102.4(b)(2)(i), which states, in part, any earthmoving activity which disturbs at least 5,000 square feet requires a written Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.


Waivers are available for projects with limited disturbance. See item #4 under applicability of fee schedule.

SINGLE UNIT RESIDENTIAL LOTS (includes additions, garages, sheds, barns, and other earthmoving projects)

$75.00 per lot plus assessment for infrastructure disturbances greater than ½ (0.5) acre. 

*** Infrastructure disturbance includes areas for roadways, utilities, etc.  Necessary to prepare the site for development.

0.5 - 0.99 acre


1.0 - 4.99 acres


5 - 9.99 acres


10 + acres


(Townhouses, Apartments, and Trailer Park Fees will be based on Industrial/Commercial Rates)

INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL(Total Disturbed acres, includes access Roads)

Less than 1.0 acre


1 - 4.99 acres


5 - 9.99 acres


10 - 14.99 acres


15 - 24.99 acres


25+ acres

$1,000.00 + $25.00 Per acre over 25


0 - 99 acres


100 - 199 acres


200 - 299 acres


300 - 399 acres


400 - 500 acres


Waivers may be available upon request for small tracts with limited disturbance, see #4, applicability of fee schedule.

Additional acreage will be assessed at $50.00 per 100 acres above 500.


Less than 1.0 acre


1 - 4.99 acres


5+ acres



  1. The fee schedule shall apply to those plans that are submitted to the Lycoming County Conservation District for an adequacy review determination related to Chapter 102 (Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Regulations).
  2. Each re-submission for a separate project on the same tract of land will be charged according to the fee schedule.
  3. Fees will be waived for an application submitted under the name of a government sub-unit of the United States or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  4. The fee may be waived or reduced for projects with extremely limited earthmoving but the Lycoming County Conservation District is the sole determinant of this waiver. Consideration will be given to those requests made in advance in writing.
  5. Plans re-submitted for a second review will not be assessed an additional fee. All plans resubmitted for third or subsequent reviews will be subject to a review fee of ¼ (25%) of the original fee.
  6. Approval letters are valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance. Approvals can be extended by letter of request submitted at least 1 month prior to expiration.
  7. Requests for approvals of major revisions to previously approved projects will be subject to a review fee of ¼ (25%) of the original fee.
  8. Applications consisting of both commercial and residential components will be assessed be calculating a separate fee for each applicable portion of the project and combining the separate totals.
  9. Agricultural plowing and tilling is exempt from the fee schedule for those activities covered by an approved conservation plan.
  10. Fees for phased projects will be assessed for each individual phase as it is proposed for development.


  1. Applicants will submit two copies of the complete subdivision or site plan and a copy of the erosion and sedimentation pollution control narrative, a completed application form (not required when application is made for an NPDES permit for Construction Activities at the same time), a location map (USGS Quad. Map is recommended), and a check or money order payable to the “Lycoming County Conservation District”. No cash payments will be accepted.
  2. The Conservation District review fee shall not be combined with any other required fees.
  3. Submissions not containing the appropriate information will not be reviewed. The applicant will be informed of any additional information or fees needed for a review.
  4. A $25.00 charge will be assessed for any check refused by the bank for insufficient funds, and the entire application package will be returned to the applicant.
  5. Applications for the NPDES permit for construction activities require a separate check made payable to the “Lycoming CD Clean Water Fund”.






  1. Requests for extensions to the administrative incomplete letter for an NPDES permit must be in writing and received prior to the expiration of the original 60 day time frame.
  2. The extension for the administrative incomplete letter will be for an additional 60 days.  After the second 60 days if no response is obtained, the application will be considered withdrawn.
  3. If an application is withdrawn, re-submission will require a new administrative filing fee, per acre disturbance fee and the Lycoming County Conservation District review fee.


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