Friday, December 01, 2023


LCRMS Recycling



Full-Time Employees; temporary employees

Pre-Release Residents/Prison Work Crew members (participation amount varies daily)


Single Stream Materials Recovery Facility; Curbside/Commercial Collection Trucks; Packer Truck; Roll Off/Hook Trucks; Truck Tractors/ Trailers; Drop Off Roll Off Containers; Tub Grinder

Recycling Programs/Options 


Curbside Collection -  

Once a month collection in mandated municipalities (Williamsport, South Williamsport, and Loyalsock Township). Curbside collection schedules are published monthly in the Webb Weekly.

Single Stream Curbside Collection -  

Commingle all your recycables into one tote for curbside collection. This service is only available through waste hauler subscription (contact your current waste hauler for details). 

Drop Off Collection

Drop-Off sites throughout Lycoming County



2022 Statistics

In 2022, the following materials were processed and shipped out of the processing center.


Product Tons
Single Stream 532
#1 Plastic (PETE) 558
#2 Plastic (HDPE) 341
Cardboard 3997
Chipboard/Low Grade Paper   4487
Electronics 125
Glass (Clear, Brown, Green)   1301
Steel/Tin Cans 288
Aluminum Cans 129
Office Paper 46
Other Plastic 78
White Goods     71
Scrap Metal 253
Mulch 2291
Tires 147


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