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Mission Statement

The Lycoming County Law Library is dedicated to providing comprehensive and current resources and information to pro se litigants*, professionals, County offices, community groups, and students. A goal of the law library is to bridge the gap between pro se litigants, North Penn Legal Services, the Lycoming Law Association, and local attorneys by creating a central location to access current Lycoming County Court forms and by serving as a clearinghouse for relevant community resources and referrals. The law library is committed to meeting the needs of the community and providing assistance in navigating the various resources available to the members of our community.

*“Pro se litigants” are individuals who are representing themselves in a legal proceeding.


Pro-se Family Law Forms    

     *“Pro se litigants” are individuals who are representing themselves in a legal proceeding.               
Custody Information
FAQ   (for self representation)
 Self Help Pamphlet

Custody Packets Available
Stipulation of Custody: When the parties are in agreement in custoday,
this kit gives the parties the paperwork to write up their custody
agreement and have it turned into a court order wihtout coming to court.
This kit can be used for a new custody order, or to modify an exisiting custody order.
•  Stipulation to Custody
Custody Kit: To ask for some type of custody when there is no existing custody order.
•  Custody Kit
Modification of Custody Kit: To ask that an existing custody order be changed.
•  Modification of Custody Kit
Emergency Custody Kit: To ask for immediate custody because a child is in danger.
There must be evidence of a clear and present danger to the child.
This can be used whether or not there is an existing custody order.
•  Emergency Custody Kit
Petition for Special Relief: To ask the court to make a decision when the parties are in
disagreement over a particular issue, such as where the child should go to
school or whether the child should play a sport.
There must be an existing custody order.
•  Petition for Special Relief
Contempt of Custody Kit: To ask the court to enforce a custody order or punish a party
for violating an existing custody order.
•  Contempt of Custody Kit
Other Forms and Information
Custody Complaint Flow Chart

Entry of Appearance as a Self-Represented Party

Petition to Intervene and Modify Custody
Criminal Record/ Abuse History Verification
Proof of Service Forms
Petition for Involuntary Commitment of a Minor for Substance Abuse Treatment Act 53
For more information, please contact West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission,
213 W 4th Street, Williamsport, PA 17701
(570) 323-8543

Divorce Proceedings Information
Forms and Information
Spanish Forms
  • Complaints
  • PFA forms
  • Criminal Notice
  • Civil Notice
  • Pro-se Divorce Documents
 Bilingual Forms from the AOPC
PFA Forms


Helpful Links for Research

North Penn Legal Services Video Workshops:

Includes: Lycoming County Custody Video, Custody Update 2014, Renting an Apartment, Protection From Abuse Issues,
Have you Considered Mediation, Bankruptcy: What it Really Means, The District Justice Hearing, Common Landlord-Tenant Myths, Fair Housing, and
Preparing for your Disability Hearing.


*“Pro se litigants” are individuals who are representing themselves in a legal proceeding.
The Lycoming County Law Library has organized materials and resources for individuals who choose to represent themselves in a legal matter. Individuals who represent themselves in court proceedings are referred to as “pro se,” which in Latin means “for self.” The information provided online and in the law library may not be appropriate for your situation. The law library does not provide legal advice and should not be substituted for legal advice. If you have legal questions, you should contact a lawyer. Pro se litigants are held to the same standards as attorneys admitted to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Representing yourself does not exempt you from understanding and following state-wide and local rules of court.



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