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Ambulance Licensure

EMS Agency Licensure

To be recognized as a Licensed EMS Agency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, services must adhere to Department of Health requirements promulgated by the EMS Act 37.  EMS Agencies are required to maintain standards related to staffing, response, equipment, quality assurance, and data collection.
EMS Agencies are also required to submit an on-line application for Licensure to the Regional EMS Council for where the service will be headquartered.  Ambulance Licensure is valid for three years and may be renewed any time during the last 6 months of the current license.
EMS Agencies without reliable Internet Connection or who wish to have staff assistance in completing the on-line application may make prior arrangements with Carla Miller, LTS Regional EMS Field Coordinator, to complete the application in the Council office.  She may be contacted at 570-329-4729 or via email at: .
To download ambulance licensure documents, click below:
Ambulance Licensure Manual  (Revised 4/2011)

Inspection Checklists: 
 DOH Ambulance Accident & Personal Injury Reporting Form (To be completed with 24 hours of incident.  Fatalities involving EMS Providers must be reported to the Council within 8 hours.  If fatality does not occur during regular business hours, please page Council Director Wendy Hastings at 570-320-4708).

Application for Emergency Vehicle License Plate
The Pennsylvania Department of Health (Department), through the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, has replaced the paper application process with a user-friendly electronic process component that will expedite Department action on an application for an initial license, or a renewal or amendment of an existing license.  The resulting database will assist the Bureau of EMS in providing timely information for emergency preparedness and funding reasons as well.

The new process for submitting a license renewal application will be as follows:

Process Requirements:

  1. Service must have Internet access.
  2. Service must have an e-mail address. (Contact your regional EMS council if your service does not have access to a computer or the Internet.)

 Process Steps:

  1. Registration:
    • Log onto the web address

    • When you open this web page click the “Click here to begin” link.
    • On the next page click the “Continue” link.  You may have to scroll down a little bit.  The next page is your login and here you will need to register an account.
    • Click the “Register” button and fill out the appropriate information. (Make sure you safeguard and secure the log-on information).
    • Once you are finished, click the “Sign Up” button.  This will return you to the login screen
  2. Log In:
    • Here you will login using the user ID and password that you just created.
    • Follow the directions and click on the “Help Me” link throughout the application for any assistance.
    • If at any time you need assistance, please contact Regional EMS Field Coordinator Carla Miller at 570-329-4729, or email her at
  3. License Registration:
    • Complete each section of the electronic version of the application form and provide the information required.  Required information is noted by an * next to the part of the application form soliciting information.  You cannot proceed to the next section of the application form until you have provided information where it is required in the section you are completing.  If you are unsure of what information is being requested, click on “Help Me” for specific instructions.
    • Another feature built into the process allows you to complete parts of the form and save your work so that, if the connection is lost or for some other reason you do not complete the form at a single sitting, you can return to where you were in the process before you stopped.  Any information entered will automatically be saved and you can simply log back on and pick up the process where you left off.
    • Once the form is completed, click “Finish.”  When that is done, you and the regional EMS council will automatically receive an e-mail message along with a verification number that the form has been sent to the regional EMS council where the service maintains its administrative headquarters.  If the service operates ambulances out of locations in multiple EMS regions, the regional EMS council will transmit the application to the other regional EMS council(s) for review.  The regional EMS council(s) will provide any comments back to the regional EMS council to which the form was submitted.

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(Updated 04/05/2016)






For more information contact:
Name:  William Miller
Title:  Regional EMS Field Coordinator
Office:  LTS EMS Council
Voice:  570-433-4461
Fax:  570-433-4435


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