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Other EMS Related Links

For more information regarding EMS in Pennsylvania, click the Star of Life to go to the website of the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council (PEHSC), Advisory Council to the DOH - Bureau of EMS.


Listing of ITLS information in Pennsylvania and upcoming training programs


JEMS Communications


SFA LogoSFA Logo 2
Link to the PA State Fire Commissioner's site.
  Information includes A Study of Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as Line of Duty Death protocols.



Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency



Lionville VFC Patch
Highway Incident Safety for Emergency Responders.  Powerpoint program developed by Jack Lt. & Safety Officer (ret.) - Lionville Fire Co., Lionville, PA; Director of Training,
Emergency Responder Safety Institute




WMD/Bioterrorism Links

Bioterrorism Guide for First Responders

Interim Recommendations for the Selection and Use of Protective Clothing and Respirators Against Biological Agents

Radiation issues, "Guidance For Protective Actions Following A Radiological Terrorist Event". Position statement of the Health Physics Society. January 2004.

Medical Management of Radiological Casualties Handbook Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI)

Hospital Preparedness: Most Urban Hospitals Have Emergency Plans but Lack Certain Capacities for Bioterrorism Response. GAO-03-924,August 6.


Jane’s Guides:
Chem-Bio Handbook; Sidel, FR, Patrick, WC, Dashiell, TR; 2000
Facility Security Handbook; Kozlow, C, Sullivan, J; 2000
Unconventional Wepons Response Handbook; Sullivan, JP, Bunker, RJ, Lorelli, EJ, Seguine, H, Begert, M; 2002
Mass Casualty Handbook: Hospital; Barbera, JA, Macintyre, AG; 2003
Jane’s Information Group
1340 Braddock Place
Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314-1651
(also available on a limited basis thru the PA DOH and / or PEMA) Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Bioterrorism Information & Resources


Public Health Infrastructure Resource Center - This web site lays out the hundreds of parts that make up public health infrastructure. (Public Health Workforce, Information, Data, & Communications Systems, &  Organizational and Systems Capacity.

Preparedness for Health Emergencies in Pennsylvania: Implications for Public Policy. - Center for Public Health Preparedness; University of Pittsburgh.

A Division of CDC. "To Protect America's Health from Toxic Exposures"  Has links to Emergency Response Contacts as well as Medical Management Guidelines and Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents.





For more information contact:
Name:  Wendy S. Hastings
Title:  Director; LTS EMS Council
Voice:  Phone: 570-433-4461
Fax:  FAX: 570-433-4435


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