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The Lycoming County Prothontary's Office is accepting non-family Civil Suit (CV) filings except for:

  • District Magistrate Appeals

  • License Suspension Appeals

  • Non Domestic Relations Restraining Order

  • Petition for Name Change

  • Writs of Execution


** Service of E-Filed Legal Papers - Local Rule 205.4(g)

1.  Once electronically filed original process has been accepted by the prothonotary, it shall be the responsibility of the filing party to provide to the sheiff the proper service fee and documents for service.

2.  Service of all other documents shall be by the filing party, in accordance with the rules of civil procedure.


E-File Registration Guide (PDF)

E-File Filing Guide (PDF)

E-filing PDF Upload Guidance (PDF)




Important Search Tips

Search by Name

Last Name, First Name.
Ex: Doe, John
Ex: Doe, J

Search by Case #

Case # must be Year, followed by 5-digit Case Number.
Ex: 22-00123

Case Documents

Any available scanned documents prior to March 31, 2022 can be viewed using the Documents Tab at the top of the Page.

Case Documents beginning April 1, 2022 are attached to the individual Docket Entries.


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