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Youth Ambassador Program

Youth Ambassador Program

The Youth Ambassador Program was developed as part of the visioning for the Corridor Plan Project.  It focuses on getting input from youth about the futures of Montgomery Borough and the City of Williamsport. 

The program will give young people in our area the opportunity to understand the municipal planning process.  Student representativs will engage in a planning exercise during a two-day workshop.  

The workshop will involve:

  • Introduction to S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities) Analysis
  • Field trip to the corridor
  • Small-group exercises
  • Survey administration and analysis
  • Preliminary and final plan design

The plans developed by  the students will be presented to City/Borough Councils and integrated into the official Corridor Plan.

Workshop schedules and timelines are available in the brochures for Montgomery and Williamsport Area school districts:

Montgomery Youth Ambassador Program brochure (550 KB PDF)

Williamsport Youth Ambassador Program brochure (530 KB PDF)

Status Update: the Montgomery Youth Ambassador Program kicked off December 2nd with a presentation to eighth and ninth grades.  The presentation detailed general definitions of planning and then went through the specifics of the Corridor Plan and the Youth Ambassador Programs.  Raffle prizes were given out to students for answering questions about the presentation.  All the students were very engaged in the presentation and excited to get involved in the Youth Ambassador Program.

The Youth Ambassador Program was a huge success!  Students completed the projects and developed realistic plans for the corridor areas.  The Youth Ambassadors will continue to be involved in the Corridor Plan process and the implementation of the plans. 

 Montgomery Youth Ambassadors


Williamsport Youth Ambassadors

US EPA Mid-Atlantic Brownfields and Land Revitalization program recognizes Youth Ambassadors!  Article here.

Status Update 2: Williamsport Youth Ambassadors have become a permanent club at the Williamsport Area High School.  The students involved in the Youth Ambassador Council (YAC) have been working with the Mayor of Williamsport's Office and the Public Art Academy on a "Welcome to Williamsport" mural on Maynard Street.  The YAC recently held a fundraise and has more planned for the future.

The Montgomery Youth Ambassadors (MYA) participated in the Old Mill Corridor Groundbreaking in November 2010.  They were excited to see changes being made in the corridor, particularly ones similar to those they envisioned.  The MYA will continue to be actively engaged in the redevelopment of the Montgomery Mill Office Building.

Sponsored by:

Williamsport-Lycoming Community Foundation

With support by

Williamsport Area School District


Montgomery Area School District


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