Tuesday, March 09, 2021

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Sewage Sludge

Sewage Sludge

Sewage sludge is liquid or solid sludges and other residues from a municipal sewage collection and treatment system; and liquid or solid sludges and other residues from septic and holding tank pumpings from commercial, institutional, or residential establishments. The term does not include grit and screenings generated during preliminary treatment of sewage sludge at a municipal sewage collection and treatment system.
Sewage sludge must be approved by the landfill prior to disposing. To assist in the approval process, the required Form 43 Request for Approval to Dispose of Sewage Sludge (instructionsis prepared by landfill staff at no cost to the generator. Prior to completing the paperwork, landfill staff will visit the treatment plant to document all processes and handling methods. The sludge will need to be sampled and analyzed before disposal can be approved. You may contact any DEP accredited lab for instructions on collecting samples and to perform the testing for you. 
Please contact Donald Hassenplug at (800) 326-9571 or by email at Donald.Hassenplug@lcrms.com for more details and assistance with the application and approval process.


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