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Housing - PHARE 

Background: The Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund (PHARE) is a statewide fund that provides funding to support the creation, rehabilitation, and support of affordable housing in Pennsylvania.  The PHARE Program is administered by Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority (PHFA) and was established by Act 105 of 2010 (the "PHARE Act").

Since 2012, the PHARE program has gained funds through Impact Fees imposed on nonconventional natural gas wells in the Commonwealth.  This Marcellus Shale (Act 13) Fund provides an annual allocation of $5 million into the PHARE Program with the potential for additional revenues when funds remain following eligible disbursements to qualifying municipalities.  These funds are made available for competitive application to counties experiencing natural gas well drilling. To date, Lycoming County has secured $9.7 milion in PHARE funds to support affordable housing.

Additional information about the PHARE program, including previously funded projects, is available on PHFA’s website:

Lycoming County PHARE Program: Lycoming County has utilized PHARE funds to support a variety of affordable housing projects and initiatives throughout Lycoming County. This includes:

***2020 PHARE Funding Opportunity***- 

Eligible Applicants: Lycoming County municipalities, non-profit and for-profit housing service providers

Applications due: Oct. 15, 2020

Application materials:  


PHARE Program Contract: Jenny Picciano, Community Development/Lead Planner, (570) 320-2136 or


Williamsport Housing Strategy

The Williamsport Housing Strategy is planned to be a 3-phase housing development on a 3.5 acre set of adjacent properties. The total number of units is expected to be 74 mixed-income dwellings, including 40 apartment units, 32 town-houses, and 2 single family homes. The apartment complex will be the first phase of development on the site.

Williamsport Housing Strategy

Formerly known as Brodart Brownfield project.

Movie #1 (about 4 minutes)PA DCED’s Extreme Makeover Competition—The Brodart SiteState Brownfield Conference—Pittsburgh PA—December 2012

Movie #2 (about 9 minutes)
Williamsport Housing Strategy
Commissioner Wheeland Presentation to City Council—June 2013

Brodart Neighborhood Improvement Project

The County, City, STEP, and Habitat for Humanity have partnered together to bring to you the Brodart Neighborhood Improvement Program.

Brodart Neighborhood Improvement

Williamsport Housing Strategy Overview Williamsport Housing Strategy Table of Contents


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