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Subdivision and Land Development

Subdivision and Land Development


To facilitate and promote the coordinated and harmonious management and/or development and protection of resources within Lycoming County for present and future needs. Intervene through proactive strategic planning initiatives on problems or opportunities and timely response to needs and issues identified by the County, municipalities, local agencies or community organizations and private citizens.

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What is Subdivision and Land Development?

County vs Municipal Jurisdiction

Lycoming County Subdivision and Land Development Process

Minor vs Major

Submission Procedures

The purpose of this section is to cover typical Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SLDO) requirements for common subdivisions and land developments. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list. Please contact the LCPC staff for a specific list of requirements for your project.

Subdivision Types


These subdivisions are the simplest form of subdivision. A Lot-Addition subdivision involves the transfer of one or more pieces of land from one deed to another deed. A Lot-Consolidation subdivision involves combining two or more parcels into one deed description. In order to receive approval of your Lot-Addition/ Lot-Consolidation our office will need to receive a plan which meets the requirements of the SLDO. Our office must also receive comments from the municipality prior to approval.

Quick Reference Guide for Lot-Addition and Lot-Consolidation

Single-Lot Subdivision

These are subdivisions which create no more than one new lot. Single-Lot subdivisions are reviewed to ensure that the proposed lot and the residual lot will have adequate vehicular access, sewage management, and access to drinking water. All Single-Lot subdivisions are considered Minor Subdivisions.

Quick Reference Guide for Single-Lot Subdivisions

Multi-Lot Subdivision

These are subdivisions which create more than one new lot. The review process of a Multi-Lot subdivision is similar to the review process of a Single-Lot subdivision. Vehicular access, sewage management, and access to drinking water will all be examined as part of this process. Stormwater and NPDES approval are examples of other documentation which may be required prior to Multi-Lot subdivision approval. All Multi-Lot subdivisions are considered major subdivisions.

Land Development Types

(Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list of development types which may require land development approval)

Agricultural Land Development

Since accessory farm buildings are exempt from land development, most agricultural land developments are mostly limited to large scale animal barns. The review process will examine access and ensure that the proper manure management, stormwater, and NPDES approvals have been obtained by the applicant in order to protect our drinking water. Please contact the Lycoming County Conservation District for more information about manure management requirements.

Commercial/ Industrial Land Development

Commercial and Industrial land developments include new primary commercial and industrial structures as well as building additions to existing primary commercial and industrial structures. The main items reviewed in these instances would be access, sewage management, water, and stormwater.

Natural Gas Land Development

This would typically include developments such as compressor stations, meter stations, and staging facilities among other natural gas related land developments. This process is mainly examining access to the site and stormwater.

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